Is There a Difference Between a Pos Machine and a Cash Register?


Introduction to Pos Machine

POS (PointOfSales) means "point of sale" in Chinese and is a terminal reader. POS is a multi-function terminal. It can be installed in the special merchants and acceptance outlets of credit card to connect to the computer to form a network, and it can realize automatic transfer of electronic funds. It has the functions of supporting consumption, pre-authorization, balance inquiry and transfer, etc. It's safe, fast and reliable

Introduction to the Cash Register

The cash register is a machine used for bookkeeping and cash register. Mainly refers to the collection equipment for supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, and stores. In reality, cash registers are also called POS machines.

Is There a Difference Between a Pos Machine and a Cash Register?

1. Compared with the POS machines we use daily, the POS cash register has a complete automatic ordering system.

2. The POS cash register has an advanced concept of leased goods desk processing as a processing system.

3. The merchandise of the POS cash register can complete the front desk sales function.

4. POS cash register is more convenient to transfer goods

5. The POS cash register has a rigorous processing system and product sales analysis function.

6. Various data reports can be generated.

7. Settlement is carried out at a fixed time every day, and sub-category data analysis and settlement are automatically generated.

8. POS cashier is generally used in business, and it is an efficient and reliable payment product.

9. Settlement method every night: automatically settle the sale, purchase, and allocation according to all shopping malls, some, and categories, so that you can query and analyze data simply, efficiently, and accurately;

10. Complete inventory processing: Inquiry, analysis and viewing of inventory, some inventory, commodity inventory, and supplier existing; personnel, salary processing system;

11. Commercial POS cash register is a kind of cash collection tool specialized in retail work, so-called things will have its characteristics: compact technology, high reliability and quality

In Summary

The above is some basic information of the cash register, which is still very different from the POS machine we use.
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