JASSWAY is a POS/Kiosk specialized company that provides the best products and services based on long experience and technology.


Global leading manufacturer

JASSWAY is a global leading manufacturer of POS/Kiosk hardware. With advanced engineering and years of experience, we manufacture and offer a wide range of POS terminals, Kiosks, Touchscreen Monitors, POS Printers, and Peripherals for the retail, restaurant, and hospitality industries.


Total POS solution

JASSWAY is a Total POS Solution company, we design, manufacture, and service all of our products in-house. We integrate and manage POS system design, analysis, product production, and quality control based on excellent human resources. As a leading company in the POS industry, we are constantly striving to develop, produce, and manage customer requirements to achieve cutting-edge technology in our products.


The most reliable products

JASSWAY offers OEM/ODM services with the most flexible customization to the business requirements of each customer. We can provide in-depth expertise on designing, manufacturing, and quality control to your project and produce the most reliable products available.


Stringent manufacturing and quality control procedures

As an ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified company, we have stringent manufacturing and quality control procedures to ensure that our product goes to our customers safely and competitively.



The streamlined production process enables us to produce 96,000 units per year.


96,000 units

Annual manufacturing capacity

8,000 units

Monthly manufacturing capacity


System for efficient management of assembly line


Market-Proven Quality

Stringent Standards

Market proven quality of JASSWAY’s products comes from our efforts to meet stringent standards fulfilled by our in-house R&D and manufacturing facility.

High-Reliability Tests

JASSWAY’s products are manufactured with high-reliability tests through various testing equipment


Customer Satisfaction

JASSWAY aims for the highest quality, customer satisfaction, and compliance with customer deadlines.




With our continuous enhancement of production and R&D processes, JASSWAY manufactured and sold over 90,000 units on yearly basis with a failure ratio of under 0.5%. We continue to enhance and improve processes of every aspect of our business.


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We are a professional Manufacturer in China, and we are constantly innovating so that our customers can have better products and services.
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