How to Find a Pos Machine Manufacturer in China


Are you a seller who is looking for a POS machine manufacturer? Are you considering how to buy POS machine from China, but have questions? Do you know where to find a POS machine supplier in China? Are you eager to find a reliable POS machine manufacturer in China?

Don't worry, you can find the answer here. Today, I will share with you how to find a reliable POS machine supplier in China. After reading, you will know why and how to buy POS machine from a Chinese supplier.

Ready to get started? Let's dive in!


Why Find a POS Machine Supplier in China?

According to statistics, Asia provides about 67% of the world's POS machines, and almost 6 out of every 10 units are supplied from Asia.   

Therefore, it has proven to be very lucrative for POS machine type suppliers in China. With the strong policies of the Chinese government and the self-discipline of the Chinese people, China is the safest power in the world and despite the re-emergence of the epidemic in some parts of China, it has had little impact on the Chinese economy.

Three reasons to choose a POS machine supplier in China

Provide more choices

You can find a POS machine supplier in China for almost any POS machine you want to make. And the price is generally lower than the same quality of POS machine in other countries.

After considering the supply capacity, corporate reputation, quality assurance, and compensation policy of POS machine suppliers in China, you can choose several POS machine suppliers in China for comparison to make sure that choosing these POS machine suppliers in China is truly reliable.


Best price/performance ratio

Considering the raw material cost, packaging cost, POS machine quality, delivery time, payment time, factory environment and response time, after-sales service, and other factors, China POS machine suppliers are the best choice.

Especially in terms of raw material cost, POS machine suppliers in China can offer the best price than other countries.

It is the main but not the most important factor in choosing a POS machine class supplier in China. Overall, quality, reliability, and associated costs are equally important when you choose a POS machine supplier in China.

Choosing a POS machine industry supplier in China can achieve the best price/performance ratio and achieve the highest benefits for both parties.


Large Workforce

China has a mid-range labor cost advantage.

Although China does not have a very cheap labor market, the quality of labor has improved a lot and the mid to high-end labor advantage is very obvious.

At this stage, China itself can integrate the relatively cheap middle and high-end labor to reduce the R&D cost and marketing cost.

For buyers, choosing Chinese POS machine suppliers is about saving more and earning more.

If you want to do a mid to high-end POS machine, then choosing a Chinese POS machine supplier is the best choice.


Technical Strength

Technology is also an important consideration when choosing a POS machine supplier in China.

China is the only country in the world that has a full industry chain and is qualified to compete for the high ground in the next generation of new technology.

For Chinese POS machine industry suppliers, technological strength plays a vital role in the development and research of new POS machines. If the POS machine industry suppliers in China can update their product technology, develop new technology, and apply it well, both sides will benefit from it.

Of course, as a reliable and high quality POS machine supplier in China, we should think more when we do factory automation. We can't completely replace employees with machines. And avoid price war as much as POSsible.

Finally, the focus should be on those Chinese POS machine suppliers who are willing and able to respond to changes in demand and accept design changes. 


How to Find a Reliable POS Machine Supplier in China?

Now that you know why you are looking for a POS machine supplier in China, the next step is how to find a reliable POS machine supplier in China?

If you are ordering a small number of POS machines, it is recommended to buy from a POS machine wholesaler.

If you are looking for custom POS machines or private label POS machines, it is recommended that you look for a Chinese POS machine manufacturer.

So, make sure you are looking for POS machine wholesalers or POS machine manufacturers.

If you are buying a large number of POS machines, it is better to find a China POS machine factory. A site visit to the POS machine factory to understand its comprehensive strength and to know more about whether it can meet your expectations and requirements can promote healthy cooperation with each other in the future. 

So, where can I find a China POS machine supplier? What are the effective ways to find more China POS machine suppliers? In this section, there are 4 ways to find POS machine suppliers in China.  


Google search engine

Google will integrate global information for all to access and benefit.

Google was initially recognized as the world's largest search engine, with millions of users worldwide.

Google is a powerful and easy-to-use search site.

Not only does it offer an easy-to-use, free service, but users can return relevant search results instantly. In addition, it offers the richest advanced search features.

Google is the fastest way to find POS machine suppliers in China by searching for "find POS machine suppliers in China" and there are hundreds of thousands of results for your reference.

"keyword "+manufacturer+China

"Keywords "+wholesale+manufacturer+China

"Keyword "+factory+China

"Keyword "+factory+wholesale+China

You can choose reliable POS machine suppliers in China from them. In my opinion, this way is the most recommended.


China B2B website

Global Sources




Speedy Sales

Made in China

There are links under each website, if you are interested in them, you can click to check them out.

However, there are many Chinese POS suppliers on the site, so please be careful to filter them when communicating.


Attend trade shows/trade fairs

Trade shows can help you meet and physically interact with potential POS machine suppliers in China.

With this, you can more easily learn about their company values, POS machine type products, production capabilities, and POS machine type quality control procedures.

There are five most popular trade shows in China, namely Canton Fair, Global Sources Trade Show, East China Expo, and Shanghai International POS machine Expo.

Basically, all POS machine suppliers in China will be present at these shows, so if you are interested in POS machine, welcome to visit China!


Hire China sourcing agents

You can find some sourcing companies at trade fairs or trade shows, which can save a lot of time and increase efficiency.

But some sourcing companies may work with certain Chinese POS machine suppliers to profit from promotion, and you may not find the ideal POS machine supplier in China that you have been looking for.

Although it is a good idea to hire a proxy, the quality of service from the proxy cannot be guaranteed.


How to Verify a POS Machine Supplier in China?

If you are determined to work with a POS machine supplier in China, you should verify them first. Some ways to find a reliable POS machine supplier in China are provided for you.

Generally, POS machine type suppliers in China have their own websites. There are many POS machines to browse on the website.

There are also details about themselves on the website. There is their own contact information.

You can search for these China POS machine suppliers that you are satisfied with on Google. Of course, you can also ask for a link to the website of that China POS machine type supplier.

You can click through and learn more about them.

All in all, the web is a very easy way to verify China's POS machine suppliers.


The Best POS Machine Supplier in China

For any seller looking to buy POS machines in bulk, it is recommended to choose the manufacturer with the most competitive price. jassway is an excellent choice for those in the wholesale business. He has been supplying products and services to overseas distributors, POS machine brand companies for the past 12 years.

jassway can meet such requirements and will be a good choice when you consider choosing a POS machine made in China. Here are 6 reasons why jassway may be a good choice for you.

- Over 12 years of experience in POS hardware

- Supplying products to customers in over 40 countries worldwide

- OEM/ODM services available

- A full range of POS hardware products, Touchscreen Monitor, Payment Devices Printers, Barcode Scanners, and other hardware devices.

- ISO 9000 QC standards will be applied to every order

- The price is more competitive than other peers



Well, now this article is finished.

Can it help you to find a reliable POS machine hardware manufacturer in China? I hope this article can be helpful to those who read it. If you have any questions, please drop us a line!   

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