7 Reasons You Need to Buy Windows POS!


7 Reasons You Need to Buy Windows POS


1. Configuration Requirements

Windows system is now the most widely used Windows 7, used in laptops and various desktop computers mostly should have about 90% of the proportion. 

More cash registers with lower prices on the market are equipped with an Android systems. The reason for the low price is that the hardware configuration is not high. The price of cash registers in the Windows system is generally higher than that in the Android system, and Windows 7 cannot work when installed on cash registers with lower configurations, which cannot meet the requirements of smoothness of working.


2. Performance

Win7 system processing performance is stronger than the Android system, the greater reason is that many cashier systems, POS software are based on Win7 system development and design, which is an android system that has no way to compare. 


3. Software

In fact, POS software plays a greater role in the POS system function, whether cashier reception or management backstage, Windows system plays a crucial role in the business process is incomparable to android system. At present, there are some android cash registers on the market, and the system is bound to the cash register hardware, which means that as long as you choose the cash register software of Android system, you can only use the cash register software of the manufacturer, and there is no choice.



Windows is launched by Microsoft. It is more suitable for commercial and long-term operation when used in computer systems. This feature has basically met the rigid demand of merchants. When the Windows system is configured with the right hardware, basically will not appear to stutter, crash, system halted, and other related problems. Windows system security and stability, no doubt, any loopholes in the system can be repaired in the first time, without data theft, data loss, and other problems, which is conducive to the long-term and stable use of the cashier system in the store.


5. Security

Android system is a mobile terminal system launched by Google, applications on tablets, phones, and other digital products. Android system is very open, all walks of life can customize their own system, so the source is open, this means insecure bugs can be exploited, led to data theft and missing.


6. Durability

Android has a rapid iterative upgrade cycle, rapid adaptation to "hardware" changes, and a high hardware obsolescence rate. Generally, a computer based on Windows system can be used for 3 to 4 years, while Android cash register can be used for almost 1 to 1.5 years. You can do the math yourself.


7. Variety

Usually, the kinds of POS models based on Windows system are more than that based on Android system. Therefore, customers have more choices to choose the models they like, from appearance to configurations, from category to function. Windows offer you more spaces to select.

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